Quality and Safety

sorin export

Quality assurance program:


  • Conducting a hazard analysis to identify hazards and needed controls.
  • Identifying the critical control points.
  • Establishing critical limits for each control point. (establishing=setting)
  • Establishing monitoring procedures.
  • Establishing corrective action procedures.
  • Establishing verification procedures to ensure that corrective steps have been taken.
  • Establishing appropriate documentation procedures to ensure that the control system is defined
  • and those records will be maintained to permit auditing and verification that the system is
  • properly applied.
  • Train all of the employed in their responsibilities to achieve safe and high quality product.
  • Certain of strict specifications by contractual arrangements, with verification by a strong system
  • of tasting.



  • Preparing qualified products based on international standards.
  • Our company has been qualified with IFS approved certification:
    1.Iso 9001:2008
    2.Iso 14001:2004
    3.Iso 18001:2007



  • Our processing line starts with fully automated machinery equipped with laser sort, metal detector, x-ray.



  • Providing sensory characteristics such as taste, aroma, palatability and appearance.
  • Setting standards for toxicological and microbiological hazards, and instituting procedures to ensure that the standards are achieved.

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In order to improve the quality of international interactions and keeping Iran’s name on the forefront of the international trade industry, we have begun our work with young, creative and experienced team. With more than 2 decade of experience in international manufacturing and trading with the SorinExport brand, the company is now at the height of global prestige.